Monday, February 13, 2012

Chapter 6

I ran into Uncle Bob's friend that lives up here in Salmon, Brother Whittier (spelling could be incorrect).  We were walking to an investigators house in town and he drove up and asked, "So which one of you knows Uncle Bob?" I told him that Uncle Bob is my uncle and we talked to him for a few minutes.  Unfortunately he is isn't in our ward though, i am pretty sure he is in the River Ward.  That's so cool that Elder DeYoung recommended that idea to his dad.  I completely agree with that idea because being a ward missionary and going out with the missionaries has definately helped me being a missionary, especially having 2 stud missionaries such as Elder DeYoung and Elder Davis as examples. XD.  Also, I even knew this would happen once I got on my  mission, but I wish I had gone out with them more than I had, even though I went quite alot, because I could of learned even  more than I did. 

The visits and lessons are going good here.  We have gotten alot of new investigators already and it is going well with them.  We also have been visiting alot of less actives and trying  to get to know them and establish a relationship with them and inviting them to church/church activities.  K, story time XD. 

This week was the ward's valentines day party and DANG was the food good!!!!!  We had prime rib, jumbo deep fried shrimp, potatoes, surbert icecream, rolls, and salad.  The coolest part was that they let us take home the left overs XD.  The people up here are sooooo nice XD.  We also met some non-members there and set up some appointments to meet them and talk with them.  Also, our Zone Leaders came down this last week to go on exchange with us to make sure everything is going alright with us.  There names are Elder Martin, "Who gets things done" (you have to say that when you say his name hahaha), and Elder Roberts.  They are both super kewl Elders and are helpful and nice. 

K next story.  So we went to go visit a less-active member this week and while we were talking guess what subject came up?  The color code book! hahahahhaha! So we were able to connect really well through that and they became more open to us so it was super cool.  I even was able to figure out both of their colors with only meeting them for the first time hhahahaha.  Oh and by the way, you can probably guess what color my companion is.  If you guessed red than you are dead on hahahaha.  K well I need to go for this week so I will end this chapter of  my life here and send some pictures.

With love,
Elder Arrowchis

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