Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Chapter 10

This week was another great week!!!  So this last week Elder Clegg, one of the missionaries in my district, got transfered to pocatello and now Elder Bystrom, who was Elder Clegg's companion, got a new companion and that companion just happened to be Elder Harelson's, who is my companion, MTC companion so that was cool for them to be to see each other again. Sorry if that was confusing but just nod and say "THAT"S AWESOME!" hahahahaha.  Also, it's funny that you added that quote about answering someone else's prayer because we just had an experience with that this last week XD.  A family in the ward that was scheduled to feed us this last week was praying for a missionary experience and one night at the beginning of this week we felt like we should call them and ask them to invite their neighbors over for dinner, who we just tracted and met the week before.  The family agreed to call and invite their neighbors and their ended up agreeing to coming over for dinner and it went very well and their neighbors became more comfortable with us and we think they will be more receptive to us asking if they will take the lessons, so that was a very cool experience to have XD. 

K next story.  So there is a pizza place up here called Dave's Pizza and guess what they have!?!?!?!? If you said pizza then techinically you are correct, but they also have A PIZZA CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!!!! The challenge is to eat this pizza, with one other person, that is the size of 2 and a half extra large pizzas in 40 min and it has to have 2 toppings, oh and you can't throw up while doing it.  And guess what???? I am taking the challenge the challenge with elder Bystrom next monday, our p-day XD!!!! hahaha. We thought it would be a good missionary opportunity to get our pictures up there hahaha. Plus we want to dominate that challenge hahaha.  There is also another challenge down in Idaho Falls,i think that is where it is, i have heard and it is a sandwhich challenge so i plan on doing that one in the future if i ever go there hahaha.  Well, i did write down what i was going to write about this week, but i left that list back in the apartment and this is all i can remember that was on that list so yaaaa im gonna end this here hahaha.  Peace out till the next chapter of the Great Adventures of Elder Arrowchis! XD.

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