Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Chapter 9

You're right, i don't want to hear that it was 88 degrees yesterday hahaha.  I wish it were that warm up here, it's been getting really cold lately actually :(.  It has also been snowing about every 3-4 days here, which keeps ruining some of our service plans :(.  K time to answer your questions XD. We use the computers in the family history center to email home, there are 4 computers here so us and the other 2 elders in salmon can use them also.  We have a washer and dryer in our apartment, so we just do our laundry there. XD And yes my clothes are clean and i am brushing my teeth everyday and i am sleeping on top of my bed, just using my blanket i brought, so i don't have to make my bed in the morning hahaha XD. K well it's story time so lets dive into my week.  OH by the way thanks for the driving record, i can finally turn it in and prove to them that i am able to drive XD.

OH MY GOSH GUESS WHAT HAPPENED THIS WEEK!?!?!?!? I SAW A WOLF!!!!!! nah jk i wish i did hahaha, but i will one of these P-days when we go on a district hike into the continental divide XD, oh ya the continental drive is right next to us, like literately a 10-15 min drive hahaha.  K so this week we did quite a few service activites.  We moved some hay, we painted someone's garage, and we were going to rake someone's yard but it snowed on us so we couldn't do that, but we can't wait to go and rake their yard. 

Hmmmm what else happened this week....Well like i said we helped someone move hay, and i got some pretty boss pictures from doing that, which of course i will send after i finish this XD.  OH THAT"S RIGHT! something major did happen just yesterday! it was my 2 month mark hahaha XD.  I also got to experience my first transfer calls on saturday.  The mission president does a really long recording, which ends up being about 9-12 messages long, and sends it out to everyone via phone and we listen to them to find out what is happening in the mission. It was pretty boring/uneventful for me because i don't really know a whole lot of missionaries yet, i only know the ones from my mtc district, Elder Hill, Elder Meehan, and the Eders in my district, and i knew nothing was gonna happen to me because the training program is 2 transfers long (by the way every 6 weeks is when transfers are) so that means next time my name goes in to the Hunger Games drawing and my name can be picked to be moved hahahahaha. 

It is so much fun being on a mission! Getting to have that first hand experience of watching someone gain a testimony and have it grow is priceless and is such a wonderful thing to see.  K well, i have to go so i will end this chapter of my mission here and i will write down what im going to email home during the week next week so i don't forget, like this time, what im going to write home about on p-day.  Well Peace out and keep having a wonderful time in the Little Town of Aliso Viejo, especially at the Hunger Games Midnight showing hahahaha.

With love,
Elder Arrowchis, The one that always goes XD

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