Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chapter 12

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! That makes me sooooo happy that hunger games will be in my BEST MOVIE EVER list when i get back! hahahaha. And tell Anastasia thanks for having me there in spirit hahaha.  Also, thanks for sending me the white pants and those snacks, they will be greatly enjoyed in my stomach. hahaha XD.

Hey, guess what!?!?!?\ My Ward Mission Leader, Brother Bigly who by the way are an awesome family, was badly sick and called us up and asked if we could give him a blessing. So we did and guess who got to give the blessing? I did! XD It was my first time giving one and it was an awesome experience! XD. And yaaaa, about the schedule of a  missionary. While I have nothing against following it as a missionary, I definately won't be having this kind of schedule off my mission hahahaha. Elder Arrowchis likes eatting late and his late nights XD hahaha. Well i guess it's time to tell you about this last week XD.

So about the pizza challenge....We didn't get to do it ;( ;( ;(.  When monday came around they ended up calling jim, one of the people we are teaching and told us he would pay for the pizza beacuse he wanted to see us get sick, and told him that we didn't give them enough notice so they didn't make the dough for us....soooo we didn't get to do it :( but Elder Martin, our zone leader and my teamate for the challenge, said he will come up next month again before transfers so we can do it hahaha.  Which also means that i was to upset/mad about the challenge that i didn't get around to writing any letters haha. So you will have to wait a few more weeks or so to hear about me owning this pizza challenge, which might i say 20 teams have failed at and only 1 team has completed hahaha. 

Well onto the next item of discussion.  You know Jim, the person who we are teaching right now, right? Well, this last week he agreed to be baptized!!!!!! Wooooooot! He is progressing sooo much and is strengthening his testimony tremendously and it's so much fun/exciting to see him grow! AHHHHHH! (If you couldn't tell, I'm pretty excited just talking about it XD hahaha).  Oh and you can thank the McPhersons for me for sending that package and can let them know that i sported that green tie they sent me on Saint Patricks Day like a BOSS! XD. K well I shall end this chapter of my wonderfully Redunculously awesome mission here! Peace out till next week XD.

With love,
Elder Arrowchis The Awesome

(Also, let steve know that i am infact allowed to respond to snail mail and give him my address so he can send me a package XD. and tell them all that they are all awesome XD)

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