Monday, March 19, 2012

Chapter 11

Thank you for doing that [providing dinner] for the missionaries because everyone should have that attitude about feeding them.  I have learned that attitude from being up here in Salmon.  Everyone here is sooooooo nice and almost at every dinner appointment we have they always tell us "if your dinner appointment ever falls through call us and let us know and we will feed you," which has only happened once and our ward mission leader ordered us a pizza XD. So thank you for doing that for the missionaries XD.  And we are supposed to eat at 5pm but on occasion that time doesn't work for the family so we have to eat at around 6 instead. But i do very very much miss having dinners at 10pm like we used to hahahaha XD. 

It's been snowing/raining very much this last week and been on average around the high 30s or so. So unfortunately this last week wasn't as awesome as my previous ones.  The work was coming along alot slower this last week, but this coming week it should go back to being on the awesome level again hahaha.  But it has still been a good week regardless.  We helped someone stack 10 cords of wood, which took multiple days of doing but he was very grateful for us doing it.  We have also been teaching an investigator named Jim and he is coming along very well.  He enjoys us coming over and we love going over to talk to him.  He is such a great person and he is really nice to everyone and just a fun person to talk with and teach.  The work here is great and it is so much fun being a missionary.  I love when i am teaching someone and they suddenly get that lightbulb and everything just clicks in their minds.  The Spirit is amazing and it is so wonderful to see it first hand work in someones life. 

The last thing that happened this last week was our zone leaders came down last night, because they are going to go on an exchange with us tonight/tomorrow, and we played Settlers of Catan which is one of the most fun board games ever hahaha.  Well that's all for this week so i will end this chapter of my mission here and bid thee farewell till next week.  If i don't get the time this week to tell you how the pizza challenge went you can expect a detailed description with pictures of the event next week hahaha.  Well love you and miss everyone and hope all is well back home.

With Love,
Elder Arrowchis (The one who dances better ;) haha

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