Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Chapter 87 - September 9, 2013

That's legit that you guys finally got the sister missionaries!  That's so wierd to think that there are 2 sets of missionaries for one ward though, compared to us where one set of missionaries usually covers anywhere from 5-18 wards hahaha.  And that's cool that you get to help out with the new member discussions.  And the way you said you are doing them, teaching one of the major 3 lessons with a few of the principles from lessons 5, is the best way to do them :).  On our mission it seems like, atleast in my case, the missionaries usually end up teaching the new member discussions.
Dang, Villi and Garrett are both leaving next week for the mtc?  That's so crazy to think about.....Wow it really is wierd to think that pretty much all the young men won't be there when i get back hahaha.  They will love their missions.  There honestly isn't a better time in one's life than some of the moments you get to have on a mission :)
So i guess to answer your question yes i got the package :).  Sorry i forgot to mention it last week.  Definitely enjoyed all the random stuff that was in it hahaha.  We have been having fun with those spiderman sticky balls.  The district also seems to like the stuff in my package as well hahaha :).
So some news is that we are going to be having a baptism on saturday! :). Her name is addy and we have been teaching her for a little while now. We are hoping that with addy getting baptized her mom will feel the holy ghost working within herself and want to start coming back to church :). Another good news is we will be having two more baptisms on september 28th! Things are going good right now in our area. We were supposed to get 2 more baptismal dates this last week but we unfortunately weren't able to meet with that family :(. But we are meeting with them this week so we should be able to invite them this week and one of them has already told us that she really wants to get baptized :). More good news is that we just got a referal today from our ward mission leader for this person that has been coming to church for the past 2 weeks or so. Apparently he wants to take the missionary discussions :).
Well, that's all that's happened this week.  Peace out till next week :).
With love,
Elder ---chis--->

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