Thursday, September 19, 2013

Chapter 88 - September 16, 2013

sooooooooo this is what happened this week. WE GOT A BAPTISM!!!!! :) hahaha. I don't know if i told you about the 9 year old girl named addy that we found but her baptism was such a wonderful thing. The spirit was super strong the entire time and it definitely was a miracle given to us from our heavenly father that she got baptized. So the story behind her is her mom grew up in the church but has gone super inactive and infact is kinda against the church now. So i guess a week before we knocked on addy's door she had gone to church with her grandpa (who is a member) and really enjoyed being there so she told her grandpa that she wanted to get baptized. And then that next week we show up at her door and the first response from her mom was "who sent you here? Did my dad send you here? or was it the visiting teachers?" We told her that we actually were just going through the neighborhood knocking on the doors trying to get to know everyone and from then on long story short the mom talked to addy about baptism and agreed to let her start taking the discussions and get baptized, which lead to her getting baptized on saturday! :) The coolest part was that everyone in their family that was at the baptism kept coming up to me and telling me how much of a miracle this was and that i was an answer to many of their prayers :). MISSIONARY WORK ROCKS! :) hahaha. Other news is you remember that family where the dad lost custody of his 2 sons? Well, one of them was finally given back to him a few weeks ago and we were able to get in and start teaching him once again and now him and his sister, who is 9, both have dates for october 26. We also have 2 more people that are going to be getting baptized not this saturday but the following saturday. :) 

Things are going pretty well in this area and we are still finding more and more people to teach :). It definitely sucks walking but it's gotten a lot cooler so it's not as bad anymore. Tell grandma and Grandpa i said hi :).  Oh and tell uncle Jim that he is a dork and that i said hi :) hahaha.
Peace out till next week :)
With love,
Elder ---chis--->

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