Monday, October 14, 2013

Chapter 93 - October 14, 2013

That's cool that all the missionaries in the ward didn't get transfered.  In our mission it seems like the opposite happened.  A ton of missionaries who had only been in their area for one transfer or had only been with their comp for one transfer got transfered.  This transfer was one of the more unpredictable ones that's for sure.  So being in Rigby again is pretty legit.  For p-day i actually went and visited a few of the members in Ririe :).  Went and saw the Calls this morning and played some ping pong with him.  Then went and saw a family called the Bowers (they used to feed us every monday night after p-day for family home evening).  Then while we were in Idaho Falls shopping i went and saw Spencer (Johnson family.  The one who's son was in that picture with me at the temple) at work.  And then in a little bit i am gonna go visit the Jose's :).  I am actually a bit sick right now so i'm going to see them to get some meds hahaha :).  My area is pretty legit too.  First and main reason it is legit is....IT"S ALL COUNTRY!!!! hahahaha.  Man, that first day i got here and started driving on the country roads again felt sooooooo good hahaha.  The work is going well in our area as well.  Right now we have 2 baptismal dates and both are pretty solid (one for the 9th of november and the other for like the 21st of december, so i won't be here for the 2nd one but oh well).  Elder Sincere is also pretty cool.  He is also from California, Sacramento area, and looooooooooves soccer.  Like i can't put into words how much he loves soccer hahaha.  He always has to remind me when i ask him if he ever did something (like played this sport or a certain movie) that all he did was soccer hahaha.  I have seen him do a little foot tricks though and he is daaaang good.  Well, there wasn't really all that much that happened this last week (kinda only had like 4 days to make things happens hahaha) so i guess i'm gonna end this email here. 

Peace out till next week :)

With love,
Elder ---chis--->

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