Friday, October 4, 2013

Chapter 90 - September 20, 2013

So this week was a good week.  We Just had 2 more baptisms this last saturday! And this last week we found 2 more people to start teaching who are all pretty solid. And on top of all that we still have 2 more baptisms lined up for october 26th :). It hasn't been easy though that's forsure. Satan has been hitting everyone one we are trying to teach sooooo hard, specifically with church. I swear, i have never had such a hard time trying to get people to church than now hahaha. But hey, heavenly father can help us overcome Satan any day, as long as we put our faith in him :).  We also had some more miracles on sunday :).  The first one that happened is one of our investigator families came to church this week and the dad, who is less-active, even stayed for all 3 hours which is probably the first time he done that in like 15 years. The other awesome thing that happened this week is we were sitting in the chapel waiting for our 9 o'clock church to start and all the sudden we see this member standing at the chapel doors waving at us to come over to him. So we get up and walk over to him and when we get out into the foyer we see one of our investigators that we have lost contact with for about the last month! :). We start talking to him and found out that he was coming to find out what time his ward was. So we told him that his ward started at 11 and he came back at 11 for his ward! :). Definitely having a lot of success right now :).
So transfer calls come this week and this one will determine where i am going to die in the mission.  Will let you know next week what's happening :).
Well, thanks for everything and peace out till next week :)
With love,
Elder ---chis--->

PS -- I am getting transferred to Rigby East Stake and I am going to be finishing up the training of a new missionary : )

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