Monday, April 2, 2012

Chapter 13

GENERAL CONFERENCE WAS AWESOME!!!! hahahahhaha. I agree with you that Pres. Monson gave a really good talk this time and i really liked his boat analogy, however i am almost going to have to agree with you that one of my favorite talks was Pres. Uchtdorf! His message on not holding grudges was really good and i liked his answer to when you are holding a grudge/judging someone, "Stop it!". hahaha. Also, your math is correct that transfers is in 2 weeks, which means i am now of age, missionary age XD, to have my name put in the Hunger Games Drawing, A.K.A being transfered hahaha.

This last week was awesome!!!!!! So we had our interviews with our mission president this last week and he told me that i am the best missionary he has ever seen on this planet! Welllll, maybe he didn't but he was definately thinking it ;) haha. Well, after the interview my companion, Elder Harelson, had to go to a leadership conference, they wanted the trainers to go to it also this time, with our district leader and so guess what happened to me!? I got to go up to challis and work with our district leaders companion there for about 4 days and it was awesome!!!! We taught alot of lessons and had a great time. One of those lessons we taught was to a man named Jeremy. He is soooo ready for the gospel it's awesome! We taught him about the word of wisdom and he told us right away that he would follow it and knows it to be true. Also, on my perilous adventure in Challis I had the chance to go up to Stanley for the 2nd time now! XD. The drive up there is super beautiful and the people there are awesome. Then on friday night i headed back to salmon with Elder Harelson and we watched conference saturday and sunday and now it's P-day! hahaha. Well, unfortunately that's all for this week but i will make adventureous things happen this up coming week so i can have alot to write about. Who knows, i might even wrestle a cow just so i can have an interesting story to tell hahahaha XD. Well Peace out till next week and keep "Doing what you love, love what you are doing." XD

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