Monday, April 23, 2012

Chapter 15

Something major happened this last name was picked to be in the Missionary Hunger Games.  A.K.A, i am being transfered haha.  But man God definately has a sense of humor and likes to show it in my life because he decided to change the language on the Movie he is watching of my life to Spanish! Yup, if you put 2 and 2 together you came to the conclusion that i am being transfered to speak spanish!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOT!!!!! Time to brush up on my 3 years of High School Spanish hahaha. But ya, it is a sad/happy transfer because i am sad that i am leaving Salmon and all the people here, but i am super excited that i am going to be speaking spanish now! XD. Now i can actually skype Eduardo and understand him hahaha. So I am being transfered to the Mudlake/Terreton area in our mission to speak/learn spanish XD. But it is a Bilingual area so i will also be speaking English there at the same time, so i won't be completely helpless the first few weeks hahaha. But ya, IM GOING SPANISH!!!! If you couldn't tell i am super excited to be going spanish hahaha. Something else happened this last week that was really awesome.  One of the people we are teaching came to church yesterday, his second time coming and it happened to be fast and testimony meeting, and towards the end of the hour he tapped me on the shoulder and asked if i would go up with him so he could bare his testimony! It was such an amazing experience to see because he bore such an amazing testimony about faith and it made me sad to know that i am going to be leaving in a few days and won't be teaching him anymore :(.  Well, other than those 2 major events nothing else really happened this last week so i will end this chapter of my life here. Peace out till next week!

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