Monday, April 23, 2012

Chapter 16

Ahora estoy hablando espanol!!!!!! woot! (don't know how to say woot in spanish hahaha) However, the rest of this email will be in english hahaha. So about Uncle Bob asking them if those elders knew me, those elders are actually my zone leaders and when i got to the transfer site and met them for the first time they were like, "Hey someone up in Sugar City keeps asking us every week if we know an Elder Arrowchis, i guess that's you" hahahaha.  So they told uncle bob this last week that they now know me XD.  Also, i am happy to say that i am writing this email from Rexburg in the family history center here!!!!! Elder Arrowchis gets to go to a city on p-days woot! hahahaha. Ya every p-day we come to rexburg for our zone activities and to do our shopping and emailing, so i am very happy about that XD. Also, i found out when i got here that i don't just cover Mudlake/Terreton but i also cover Roberts, which is also where our apartment is and is kind of a mini-town. Unfortunately i don't have the address for you yet but i will try and remember to write it down this coming week.
So I got to my new area, Roberts/Terreton/Mudlake, on Wed. and actually had to go on an exchange right away, so i didn't even get to work in my area on my first day hahaha.  But my new companion is AWESOME!!!! His name is Elder Negron. He is from Puerto Rico, has been out 17 months, and is awesome! He is really funny and we are getting along really well.  We taught quite a few lessons this last week, and some where in spanish XD.  However, for the spanish ones all i really did was talk for the greeting part of it (like saying hello, how are you, nice to meet you, etc.) and then sat there quietly while my companion taught because at first i didn't understand anything they were saying hahaha.  But I am starting to do a little more now and understanding more of what they say XD.  Yesterday i got really excited though because when we went into a lesson and they started speaking spanish, i could actually hear every word they were saying instead of it sounding like one big slur of words and i would hear a word i understood every 10-15 words that i knew hahahaha.  Now i just need to know what those words are that i am hearing XD.  Learning spanish is really exciting and i am going to have a blast in my new area with my new companion.

I love hearing everything that is going on back home and am glad that everything is going great with everyone!  This coming week we are going to be helping with branding so i will have more cow wrestling stories to tell, and hopefully pictures of me actually doing it with good form hahaha.

Well, Peace out till next week!!!

With love,
Elder Arrowchis, The one that likes to use XD alot. XD

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