Monday, April 23, 2012

Chapter 14

So this last week was AWWWWEEESSSSOOOOMMMMEEEEEEELY AMMAAZZZINNNGGGG!!!!!!!!! K so i guess ill just go in order of the events. On monday WE GOT PERMISSION TO LEAVE THE MISSION!!!!!!! hahahaha. One of the people we are teaching, who i have mentioned many times now, Jim, his dad is the executive director of the Nez Perce Foundation and so he really wanted to take us up to the Big Hole Visitor Center (which is in Montana XD) and teach us about their history, so he called up President Colton and explained the situation and how it is only a few miles outside our mission boundaries and President Colton agreed to letting us go to it XD XD XD. It was AWESOME!!!!! It was really cool to go and see the visitor center and learn all about their past and the trials they had to go through.  Plus it was awesome leaving the mission boundaries with permission hahahaha.

So every monday night we have been teaching Brother Cannon and his family for family home evening and they always feed us dinner as well.  Well guess what we had for dinner last monday? We had Ram Burgers!!!!! And they were sooooo goooood.  I think Elk burgers beat Ram Burgers by a little bit, but they are definately both better than regular burgers hahaha. Tonight he plans on feeding us something called Viking Pile Up, which i have been trying to ask around to find out what it is and the only 2 hints i have gotten is that there is chili in it and that i shouldn't eat it, Buuuutt me being the superly redunculously awesome person i am, I plan on eatting it anyway hahahaha. I will let you know next week what it is and if i am going to make you try it when i get off my mission :P hahaha.

Guess what i did? I WRESTLED A COW!!!! A family up here named the Cockrells were branding this last week and invited us to come and told us how one of our awesome investigators, Thomas, was going to be there helping them out so we decided it would be a good opportunity and decided to help out.  So when we got there, they had already rounded up all the calves and put them in the fenced in area designated for branding and had already begun branding, so we just jumped right on in.  They then showed us what to do, which was to wait for them to lasso a calves back feet and then when they had done that we would run up to the calf and wrestle/pick it up and throw it on the ground on it's side and hold it down so they could brand them.  It was soooo much fun!!!!!! hahahaha. So eat that david, even though you got to see penguins on your mission i got to wrestle a cow! :P hahaha. I love serving up here in Salmon and hope i get to stay here alot longer XD (hopes he doesn't jinx it hahaha). And the last item of awesomeness i have to address is our sacrament meeting this last sunday.....We got 5 of the people we are teaching to it!!!! The work is progressing really well here XD. Well that's all i can think of that happened this last week so i will end it here. Peace out till next week!!! XD

With Love,
Elder Arrowchis, The One That Wrestled a Cow XD

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